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Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office -- Detention Services

Oklahoma County Detention Center

The Oklahoma County Detention Center is the largest bureau in the agency with 450 employees who provide for custody, welfare, services and programs for up to 2,700 inmates on a daily basis. The 268,000-square-foot facility with a rated capacity for 2,950 inmates is the largest detention facility in the state.

The detention center is under the leadership of Major Jack Herron.

In 1997, the Oklahoma City Jail merged with the detention center for a more efficient operation.


The chief of security in the rank of captain is responsible for security operations in the detention center.

A shift commander in the rank of lieutenant or above is present onsite 24 hours a day and is responsible for implementing emergency plans and for the overall safety and security of the facility. When the unit manager is off duty, the shift commander directly supervises all inmate housing unit operations.

Special search operations occur on a regular basis to ensure that contraband is not introduced into the facility.

Camera Surveillance Operations

Video camera surveillance, monitored on a 24-hour basis by detention employees in a central location, provides continuous monitoring of all inmate dayroom areas as well as other areas in the facility. This has enhanced security and inmate accountability. Additionally, inmates in cells have intercoms which are monitored by the video surveillance employees in the central location. This allows for rapid response for inmate emergencies on a 24-hour basis.

Classification -- Inmate Housing Assignment Method

Classification officers perform an assessment of and create a classification file for each inmate. This assessment takes into account inmate behavior and any special needs that the inmate might have. Based on these and other factors, a determination is made regarding the inmate’s housing assignment in one of seven housing units; security level, and if eligible, job or program assignments.

Classification of inmates was fully implemented in 2000 and has resulted in more effective use of staffing, lowered inmate incidents and provides more effective use of cell space.

Unit Management

A unit is a self-contained inmate living area that includes cells, dayroom, exercise and program areas and office space for unit staff. Each unit has four pods.

A unit manager is responsible for each unit on a 24-hour basis. Under their supervision, detention officers provide for inmate security, services and programs.

Each of the seven housing units is staffed by a unit team made up of the employees who are permanently assigned to work in each unit. Unit staff consists of the unit manager and detention officers, who maintain security supervision, provide services and maintain sanitation, and a clerical employee.

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