Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office OCSO - Surrender Program

Surrender Program


The Oklahoma County In and Out Surrender Program gives defendants with active warrants the opportunity to surrender themselves and appear for court arraignment the same day without the defendant being arrested. The Surrender Program also allows for defendants to be processed and fingerprinted.


Surrenders are accepted Monday through Friday 8:00am to 9:50am by calling the Oklahoma County Warrants Department at (405) 713-1909 to be placed on the “Surrender List” for the 1:30p.m. Docket in courtroom #502 at the Oklahoma County Courthouse located at 321 Park Avenue. Defendants surrendering must be accompanied by a licensed bail bonds person or their representative, and/or the defendant’s attorney.


If needed, defendants will be processed at the Oklahoma County Detention Center. For safety and security reasons when a defendant is at the detention center they are inside a maximum security area. Defendants may or may not come in contact with inmates. For the safety of the defendant and the safety of everyone we ask that the following rules be followed:
  • The ONLY people allowed in the detention center are defendants.
  • NO personal belongings whatsoever are allowed.
  • NO weapons, guns, knives, mace, pepper spray, drugs, or alcohol of any kind are allowed. If you are found to have any of these items they will be seized and you will be arrested.
  • Other items NOT allowed include: cell phones, children, relatives, friends, food, drink, and tobacco.

Defendants who wish to pay a cash bond must first pay their bond at the Oklahoma County Court Clerks Office 320 Robert S. Kerr, #409. The Court Clerk receipt must then be taken to the Oklahoma County Courthouse room #502 and given to the judges’ clerk. The judge will then issue the defendant an Order of Release and if needed the defendant will be escorted by an Oklahoma County Deputy to the courthouse 11th floor to surrender and be processed

For more information please contact the Oklahoma County Warrants Department at (405) 713-1909, or contact any licensed bail bonds agency.